Capture the atmosphere from "ESHRE 39th Annual Meeting " Copenhagen, Denmark

Capture the atmosphere from "ESHRE 39th Annual Meeting " Copenhagen, Denmark
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After 3 years of lockdown, come back this time, Pulse Science reinforces the nostalgia. By bringing products that Pulse Science has invented and produced Including activities to create colors with a prize draw Giving out special gifts to event participants at the event





Which these doctors specialized in infertility and a team of scientists honored to join the frame to capture the atmosphere Inside the booth, products produced by Pulse Science were brought. In which the participants demonstrated how to use such as IncuWork ic, EnviSafe iv, IncuWork IV mini, etc.  
   The event was held between 25 -28 June 2023, with this year being organized in a big way. ready to bring new innovations to exhibit creatively Conveyed out for the participants to understand easily. along with lectures from experienced speakers.




PULSE SCIENCE DK has made an official announcement at ESHRE 2023. After 3 years of COVID-19 halting our ESHRE 2020, we are now ready for the global IVF medical conference and pulse Science would like to thank our Thai customers, our team, strong partners FRIENDS: EVIDENT (Olympus) , STech IVF, Britannia Monitoring system, CNC biotech, TOKAI HIT and our new partner Nilo tech.


See you again










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